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HVAC Actuator Mini-Drivers
Door Actuator Mini-Driver with Feedback
Mode door Driver Mini-D DC Power Adapter

Taskem Technology

Benefits of Taskem-Tools HVAC Actuator Drivers/Controllers

Problems with current in-house designed drivers:
  • Drivers are without safeguards to prevent the overdriving of HVAC module damper doors and actuators.
  • Increased warranty failures caused by overdriving of units by the manufacturer not by the customer.
  • When a Driver is needed, an HVAC engineer or technician needs to take time away from projects to build one.
Benefits of the Taskem-Tools Mini-Driver:
  • Maintains integrity of the HVAC doors and actuators. The Taskem-Tools Driver mimics the HVAC modules control head. It has an internal driver IC which will limit the user from overdriving the actuator/door.
  • Reduces manufacturing induced warranty.
  • The Mini-Driver is powered by a standard 9V battery or adapter for vehicle or lab power supplies.
  • Taskem-Tools Drivers are affordable and reliable. The engineer or technician does not need to spend valuable time making a tool.

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Who are we and how did we get to this point?

We are Electromechanical Automotive HVAC Professionals of over 20 years’ experience who have supplied HVAC Actuator Drivers to our Global engineering teams. It is these teams that needed the support of tools that didn’t overdrive the HVAC Module Doors and Actuators into breaking conditions.

Many companies today that make their own internal tools for the purposes of driving actuators are normally unaware that overdriving an actuator & door can cause excessive stress on not only the actuators internal gears but prematurely damage the door shaft of the HVAC Module. This causation can be seen in Automobiles having non-functioning actuators in the first 3 years of the warranty period and door shaft failures in the years to following.

Most of the failures seen in the field are not caused by excessive customer use, but were caused preemptively by the manufacturers.

It is for this reason we started Taskem-Tools. We want to provide the much-needed tools that will safeguard HVAC actuators and doors that are installed in every new vehicle today.

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