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Mini-D DC Power Adapter ADPT

$77.00 (each)

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Many Engineers feel that 9-volts is just not enough motor speed. If you want more speed out of an actuator door, you’ve got to give it more than 9-volts. Here at Taskem-Tools we’ve thought of that, so we’re introducing the Mini-D ADAPTER for the Mini-Drivers. This device has an output port that mates perfectly with either the Standard Mini-Driver or The Mini-Driver with Feedback.


  • Automatic shutdown above 800mA
  • Output - Automatic short circuit bypass
  • Power output condition indicator:
    • Green = normal
    • Red = output shorted to ground
  • Input reverse bias protected
  • Input accepts Automotive Plug Cable or Variable voltage from DC power supply 
  • 90 Day Warranty

What's in the box?

  • 1 Mini-D DC Power Adapter
  • 1 DC Car Cigarette Lighter Power Plug Cable: 1.524mm long cable that has an interface connector to the Adapter on one end and a (Fused) automotive cigarette lighter plug on the other. This cable will only be for drawing off voltage to the Adapter from inside an automobile. The normal voltage that the Adapter will see is 13.5VDC.
  • 1 Zero to 18v DC Power Supply Cable: 900mm 2 wire (20 gauge) twisted pair harness with an interface connector to the Adapter on one end and 2 stackable banana jack plugs on the other. This cable will only be used for providing power to the adapter via a DC bench top power supply.
  • Instructions


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