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Mini-Driver: Automotive HVAC Actuator Driver MDPH

$59.00 (each)

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The Mini-Driver is specifically designed to drive automotive HVAC brush motor actuators, allowing service professionals to verify HVAC operation and repairs or to reset the proper door stop positions without worry of damaging components. The Mini-Driver mimics the HVAC control unit electronics, controlling drive voltages and current to ensure safe operating conditions for the motor and damper doors.


  • Operates with standard 9v battery or Mini-D Power Adaptor
  • Automatic over voltage shutdown above 18Vdc
  • Automatic motor cut-off below 7.5Vdc
  • Output protected against short circuit internally
  • Input reverse bias protected
  • No crossover current
  • Internal clamp diodes
  • Over temperature protection
  • 1 Year Warranty against internal component defects
  • AEC Qualified Components
  • Molex 2way Conn# 50-57-9402 / Molex Terminals# 0016020103
  • Soft Touch Buttons
    • Touch Power ON/OFF
    • Touch Motor-Forward
    • Touch Motor-Reverse
  • Power Indicator
  • Input Battery Terminals

What's in the Box?

  • 1 x Mini-Driver: Automotive HVAC Actuator Driver
  • 1 x 508mm 2 wire (22 gauge) twisted pair harness that has a connector to the Mini-Driver on one end and 2 gold socket terminals on the other end that can plug onto any motor pin of an actuator.

NOTE: No actuator connectors will be provided because there are hundreds
of different types. If you require assistance, send us your connector, terminals and
pin out instructions and we will install it at no charge.


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