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Mini Drivers Overview

Hello, this is a Taskem-Tools introduction to the Mini-Drivers. At present, Taskem-Tools is offering the Standard Mini-Driver and the more advanced Mini-Driver with Feedback. Their sole purpose is to drive bi-directional actuators forward and reverse, specifically for the automotive HVAC module industry.

Both Mini-Drivers have automatic voltage shutdown above 18-volts DC, and motor voltage cut off below 7.5-volts DC. Both have reverse bias protection on their inputs. They exactly mimic the automotive HVAC climate controls and they protect against actuator overdrive current and voltage. Output drive connectors are protected against short-circuits internally.

Both devices use digital drive technology, no relays or toggle switches. Both devices are over temperature protected. All tools provided by Taskem-Tools use only AEC-Qualified Automotive components in their construction.

The Individuals who work in the Automotive HVAC Industry who can use one or both Mini-Drivers, are:

  • Sales Representatives who work in the Automotive HVAC Industry who travel to customers to show them how their HVAC doors work.
  • Also, electrical and mechanical engineers that produce and design HVAC Modules for the Automotive Industry.
  • Lastly, technicians in that same field that perform functional testing of an HVAC Module or dealership technicians as well.

The standard Mini-Driver will be used mostly by professionals that only care about moving the actuator back and forth. The more advanced Mini-Driver with Feedback will be used by the engineer or technician that wants to know the position of the HVAC Door in the module. This Driver has an internally protected 5-volt regulator. As you drive the actuator either forward or reverse, the feedback will move with the door to show its position.

The Mini-Driver with Feedback, it’s the perfect tool for technicians and engineers who design and develop HVAC Modules and perform diagnostic testing.

Demonstration Video

This is a demonstration using the Standard Mini-Driver with a 9-volt battery. There is a power button, forward button, and reverse button. If you only want to move an actuator back and forth, then this is all you need, it’s that easy.

Here’s a demonstration of the more Advanced Mini-Driver with Feedback and how it works. I’ll turn the power on, press the forward button. Notice how you can hear the actuator move with no relays clicking. Now press the reverse button, See how the feedback voltage follows the door showing its position. All running off a 9-volt battery. When you turn the power off, the voltage goes to zero on the volt meter. As you can see when I turn the power back on, the feedback is back. Both Taskem-Tools Mini-Drivers are very easy to use.

You Might be asking yourself, why would I want to buy a Mini-Driver? I have a 9-volt battery, why can’t I just use that? Well you can, a 9-volt battery is useful by itself, but it leaves much to be desired when performing diagnostics when driving a motor. You can hook wires to it and then connect it to the actuator motor pins directly, but the problem is you must flip the state back and forth to get the actuator to cycle. You could use a relay or toggle switch to do that, but this is cumbersome and slow.

Many Engineers have the capability to design actuator drivers, but the problem is when you want to move the actuator forward or reverse you’re going to hear a relay clicking or the sound of a toggle switch. So it’s hard to hear the actuator itself moving back and forth.

The Mini-Drivers are silent and quick and perfectly suited for the task at hand.

Feedback Testing

Many Engineers feel that 9-volts is just not enough motor speed. If you want more speed out of an actuator door, you’ve got to give it more than 9-volts. Here at Taskem-Tools we’ve thought of that, so we’re introducing the Mini-D ADAPTER for the Mini-Drivers. This device has an output port that mates perfectly with either the Standard Mini-Driver or The Mini-Driver with Feedback. It’s not much bigger than a 9-volt battery.

The Mini-D Adapters capabilities are:

  • Automatic shutdown above 800 milliamps.
  • Output automatic short circuit bypass protection.
  • Power output condition indicator: green is normal, red is output shorted to ground.
  • Input is reverse bias protected.
  • It has one DC power supply cable for your bench supply or a 12-volt DC car adapter plug for in cabin power.

The Mini-D Adapter can supply voltage much higher than 9-volts.
Here’s an example using the Mini-D Adapter with the Mini-Driver with Feedback. In this example the Mini-D Adapter is using the cable that comes with it, plugged into the power supply that is set at 17-volts DC. When I turn the Mini-Driver on, you’ll see the feedback voltage appear. Now I’ll drive it, first forward… then reverse. Now you can see if I go too high on the input voltage, watch the feedback drop off because the Mini-Driver will turn itself off. It won’t allow voltage to get too high.

So that’s what the “Mini-D Adapter” does for you, it gives you much higher voltage. 9-volts is nice, but higher voltages are even better.

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